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Should I Repair Or Replace My AC?

A question that all AC owners ask themselves is if they should repair or replace their AC. While the answer is pretty simple, it is hard to make such a big decision. 

Your air conditioner gives you comfort on your hottest days and replacing it feels like the biggest betrayal of your life. Sometimes, simply repairing it or thorough maintenance checkups are enough to sustain it. But the after-effects do not last that long. So, where does the line between repair and replacement come from? 

The fate of your AC depends upon whatever you decide to do, so make sure to weigh all the pros and cons. Then, whether it is repair or replacement you choose, contact an air conditioning installation Lexington KY, and gain more clarity on your choice. 

Here are five factors you should consider while you are confused between the repair or replacement of your air conditioner – 

  • Age Of The System 

Even in the best of circumstances, air-conditioners usually last only ten years. If your air-conditioner has been in your family or your house for over ten years, it is an attractive option to repair it. However, there will be a time when the repair costs will exceed the replacement costs. 

To avoid the situation, you should get an expert opinion from an organization that provides services for air conditioner repair Lexington KY. But, again, an objective outlook will be better than wanting to keep your AC simply because it has been in your family for a long time. 

  • Effectiveness 

The predicament of repair versus replacement usually arises when the air conditioner stops working as effectively as it used to. 

The only job of your air-conditioner is to keep your house cool. If you stop doing that job, it is time to get it replaced. With newer technology and machinery coming into air-conditioners, they are getting more and more effective. 

Why would you want to repair an old air conditioner if you could get a new one with guaranteed efficiency? 

  • Efficiency

Most air-conditioners lose their efficiency after a year of working. It is a known fact. However, with updates and upgrades always happening in the air-conditioning market, newer models are more efficient than older ones.

If you would like to impress people that come over to your place and stay as comfortable as possible throughout the day, get your AC replaced with the help of an air conditioning replacement Lexington KY

  • Cost

Probably the most significant factor that comes into play when you are wondering if you should get your AC repaired or replaced is the cost.

Here, you need to consider if the repairs you are getting are lesser or greater than a possible replacement. Pro-tip: go for a replacement if it costs you less than repairs. It will save your wallet a lot of trouble. 

You can contact us for whatever you decide to go with the end-repair or replacement. We, over at Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling, offer the best air conditioning installation services in Lexington, KY, so do not hesitate to reach out. Drop us an email at [email protected] or a call at (859)-255-2500.