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Furnace Service In Lexington, KY

Furnace Service in Lexington, Versailles, Nicholasville, KY and Surrounding Areas

Are You in Need of Furnace Service in Lexington, KY?

Are you in the planning stages of a new Lexington, Kentucky home or business? Or, perhaps you have decided to update or renovate an older piece of property.

Whatever your situation, you have decided that you are going to use either a gas or electric furnace for your principal source of heat. Having a reliable furnace in place for the rather frigid Kentucky winter season is the very important key to your overall comfort during a cold winter night!

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Also, you are going to want the very best furnace service available to keep your heat flowing and provide you and your family, or customers with the comfort that we have all come to depend on.

Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are necessary for an HVAC system to operate more productively and effectively. Therefore, ensure your furnace is tuned up in the fall to avoid performance issues and heating repair in Lexington, KY, throughout the year.

That is exactly what you will get from the dedicated team of service professionals from Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling,  the very best in furnace Service in Lexington, KY, and Surrounding Areas!

Maintenance services are essential to keep the performance and efficiency of the furnace or any HVAC center. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your nearest HVAC center’s technician for a quick inspection and maintenance service.

Moreover, with winter on the way, it is better to get your furnace system checked at the earliest. The furnace service experts in Lexington, KY, will demonstrate the importance of maintaining your furnace system annually.

Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling has every aspect of your furnace service covered from sales and installation to repairs, maintenance, and seasonal tune-ups you can totally rely on this team of professional service technicians for all your furnace service needs!

Indications That's Time To Arrange Furnace Tune-up

Listed below are the main key pointers to look out for in case of repairs:

  • Reduced Airflow

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your furnace requires HVAC repair in Lexington, KY, is when there is no heat emanating from your registers and down your duct.

  • Decreased Comfort Level

The most evident indication that your heating system needs repair is that your home isn’t as pleasant as it should be. If you keep fiddling with the thermostat settings but still can’t get your home to the right temperature, have a professional heating inspection to find the issue and prevent it from getting worse.

  • Lower Air Quality

If the air quality changes, your heating system may be dirty and need furnace service in Lexington, KY. The dust and other pollutants in the HVAC system can also bring offensive odors into the house. Vent obstructions and fissures are brought on by musty and stagnant air.

  • The Pilot Light is Yellow or Orange

HVAC systems usually have signals to inform you about a problem. If your furnace’s yellow or orange pilot light is on or flashing, there is a problem. The cost of scheduling a furnace service in Lexington KY is reasonable.

  • Age of The Furnace

A furnace tune-up becomes more important as your furnace ages. The typical lifespan of a furnace is 10-20 years. Experts for HVAC repair in Lexington, KY, strongly suggest arranging an annual furnace service.

  • Strange Noises

The strange sound from your furnace is typically a sign of approaching problems. While some noises are normal, pay attention to any unexpected noises, such as leaking or hissing.

  • Increased Expenses

The most common sign that your furnace needs maintenance is rising energy costs without any obvious cause. Although it may still be heating your home, your furnace works hard.

Tips to Enhance Your HVAC Effectiveness

  • Change the HVAC System’s Air Filters

Most knowledgeable HVAC professionals advise changing your air filter every 90 days. On the other hand, those who have pets or allergies might need to change it more frequently.

  • Regular Maintenance

The lifespan of your present equipment can be increased with simple repairs and maintenance. Timely servicing can also help you save money on maintenance and monthly energy costs.

  • Think About Getting a Smart Thermostat

Your home’s efficiency can also be increased using a programmable thermostat. Some thermostats can even be set up to monitor your family’s routines.

  • Seal The Gaps

Your doors and windows could have tiny gaps. It’s also typical for air to escape through ducting or a fireplace’s chimney. Look around your home to find any potential exits. You can easily plug a lot of these gaps with caulk.

Contact Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling right now to schedule our seasoned, competent, reasonably priced heating repair in Lexington, KY, or email us.

Reasons Why You Should Call Annual Maintenance Service for You Furnace

The furnace system needs maintenance service once a year to enhance its functioning. Here are the reasons why furnace service experts in Lexington, KY, emphasize calling the technician for a quick check: 

  • No Upsurge in Utility Bills

Old and malfunctioning furnace systems tend to consume more fuel or gas to maintain functioning and warm up the interior. Maintenance services keep the furnace system in the best state and ensure it works efficiently without consuming much fuel or energy. 

  • Keep Your Warranty Protected

Most HVAC manufacturing companies have a clause in the warranty that states the company will not fix the issue if the HVAC is not maintained annually. This comes in handy when there is a massive expense in repairing a malfunctioning HVAC system. 

  • Protect Your Family from Unsafe Situations

The issue in the furnace system will worsen if it is not resolved at the earliest. It will quickly escalate into a dangerous situation that can risk your family’s health. You can easily avoid the possibility of gas or carbon monoxide leakage if you call the Lexington, KY, furnace repair experts for annual maintenance. 

  • Keeps Almost All the Repair Costs at Bay

Every expert emphasizes calling the technician for a quick inspection and maintenance at the beginning of the season because it keeps the HVAC problems away from the household. It helps to detect the issues in the building stage. 

Different Furnace Problems You May Face If You Have Not Called the Maintenance Service

The furnace repair experts in Lexington, KY, can help fix the following issues: 

  • The Furnace System Takes Time to Heat Indoors: 

    The technician lubricates and cleans the entire furnace system to ensure it works at its full potential.
  • Difficulty in Operating the Furnace System: 

    The technician calibrates the thermostat and ensures that it is appropriately connected to the furnace system.
  • Gas or Carbon Monoxide Leakage: 

    The technician carefully examines the furnace system to eliminate all the blockage. If the gas line and exhaust flue are clear, there are no chances of any mishaps happening in the future.
  • Strange Sounds:

    The furnace starts producing strange and loud noises while operating as it gets older. Maintenance services annually lubricate the mechanical components that help to maintain a minimum level of noise in the surroundings. 

Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling for All Your Furnace Service Needs!

Do yourself and your furnace a favor and go by the Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling website. There on the main page, you will find the testimonials of satisfied customers along with some money-saving solutions for your furnace service needs.

There you will find discounts on everything from system diagnostics to total system cleanings, all integral parts of a complete array of furnace services.

Maintenance and tune-up services help the furnace system to run longer than its average life. If you are looking for a reliable and professional HVAC service provider in your locality, call Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling. 

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We focus on delivering world-class quality service at reasonable and affordable prices. Our furnace service experts in Lexington, KY, will share tips to keep your furnace system in good condition throughout the winter. 

When it comes time to select the company that is going to provide your furnace service, go with the obvious choice in Lexington, Kentucky. Go with Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling!

A quick call or going by their website is all it takes for your professional furnace repair in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas!

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