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Air Conditioning Service in Lexington, Versailles, Nicholasville, KY and Surrounding Areas​​Nothing can be worse than your air conditioner going off in the summer season. It is important to do regular maintenance for your AC. It is a good amount of investment and something that you cannot replace every day. Even if you buy a new one, there will be a burden of extra installation and other expenses. Contact Us Today for Air Conditioning Repair Service in Lexington, Versailles, Nicholasville, KY, and Surrounding Areas.

So, instead of going through so much trouble, you can rather ensure that you keep giving it for servicing.

About Us

At Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling, we ensure that you never have to face any problem related to your AC and heater. We take care of all your heating and cooling needs and accept full responsibility for our services and products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for air conditioning replacement Lexington, KY, so if you are not satisfied with something, give us a call, and we will be right back to make sure your problem is solved. Although, we try our best not to let this situation occur.

Our services


We will make sure to understand your needs and install an AC that brings your bills and energy footprints down. We do not suggest the same model and service for everyone because we understand that every house has a different need.


If you are looking to go forward with a new AC, book an appointment with us, and we will ensure that we reach out to you as soon as we can. We will sit down with you to understand your budget and needs. Only then will we offer our suggestions, because we want to take time to understand your requirements.


A machine is bound to sometimes not work, especially in the times when it is used all day long. The internal parts heat up, or sometimes too much debris gets stuck. There might be any other reason for issues as well. We are prepared for everything, and we will make sure that it is repaired, no matter what.


We take care of the regular wear and tear as well. It seems small but can sometimes stop functioning completely. Do not delay it further. Contact us to book a maintenance service.

Why choose us?

  • Satisfaction guarantee: If you are unhappy with the smallest things we provide, we take full responsibility for coming back and making it right.
  • Experience: We have over 60 years of experience setting up, maintaining, and repairing air conditioners. We provide air conditioning service or AC maintenance in Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas. Our experience makes us the best in what we do, it shows, and we take pride in it.
  • Professionalism: We have a team of trained professionals who understand and respect your private space. We understand that, and so we make sure that we finish our work and leave quickly so that you can enjoy the cool again.
  • Customer service: We make sure that you never have to wait for long after you’ve contacted us. We will respond to you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can a Compressor be Repaired?

A compressor is one of the most important components of an HVAC system that is responsible for keeping a household cool during the summer days and warm during winter times. 

Hence, when the compressor of an HVAC system breaks down, it can be a huge cause of concern. It can further lead to numerous other problems in the internal components along with reducing the energy efficiency and skyrocketing the utility expenses. 

However, this problem can easily be rectified by calling up a professional for air conditioning repair in Lexington KY who holds ample expertise in handling all such major repairs. Furthermore, the experts can always provide homeowners with valuable suggestions as to whether to opt for a compressor repair or the entire unit replacement if there is a major breakdown that would incur huge repair costs. 

How do I know if my AC Compressor is Switched on?

Normal air conditioner compressors usually take around 4 to 5 minutes to turn on and when it is switched on, it makes a clicking sound so that it becomes evident that the compressor is working. However, at certain times, the compressor can hold some issues and due to which it can take a prolonged time to turn on. 

There can be numerous reasons why a compressor can stop working. Also, when in need of a repair, a compressor shows some evident signs such as taking more time to turn on, not circulating proper air, water leak from the system, and many more. Hence, it is always recommended to schedule routine maintenance of an air conditioning unit to avoid all such problems. 

How Long Does it Take for AC to Get Fixed?

While different air conditioning problems require varied repair time, the average time required to get an air conditioning unit fixed is around 4 to 8 hours.

However, if the services are taken from a reliable HVAC technician for air conditioning repair in Lexington KY, this time can be reduced to a great extent as the experts arriving for the AC repair are extremely specialist and hold the potential to reduce this repair time to a great extent. 

How Much Does AC Repair Usually Cost?

The cost of an air conditioning unit largely depends on the extent of damages that an air conditioner holds. It must additionally be noted that major breakdowns and damages always incur heavy repair costs as compared to smaller breakdowns. However, to give an overview, the average repair cost of an air conditioning unit can range anywhere between $450 to $1,000. 

Should I Turn off the AC if it’s not Cooling?

Turning off an air conditioning unit in case it’s not cooling can be a bad decision as it can further damage the internal parts of the unit. 

Instead, it is always suggested to call up professionals from a reliable HVAC company who can assist in rectifying the issue due to which the unit is not cooling. Numerous reasons are responsible for the reduced cooling and low refrigerant levels or a faulty thermostat are the most prominent ones amongst them. 

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