Air Purification In Lexington, KY

Air Purification in Lexington, Versailles, Nicholasville, KY, and Surrounding Areas

Breathe Easier with Whole House Air Purification in Lexington, KY

Your family’s health and well-being are always your number one priority. Fresh foods, plenty of water, good exercise, and restful sleep are all a part of your health-conscious lifestyle. But, poor indoor air quality in your home could still cause you, or someone you love, to get sick. Whole-house Air Purifiers Lexington KY helps protect against viruses, bacteria, mold, and pollution, so your family stays healthy.

Almost all people desire a healthy lifestyle. The environment you live in and the air you breathe in has a major impact on your health. Breathing in unclean or polluted air can lead to several unwanted respiratory diseases.

An air purifier is one such appliance that ensures the presence of clean and pollutant-free air at your home. If you are looking for Lexington, KY air purifiers dealers, Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling is certainly the most suitable choice for you. From cooling your space to maintaining indoor air quality, we serve you in all possible ways.

Dangers of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is a serious issue, especially for individuals with respiratory illnesses, or suppressed immune systems. The effects of exposure to toxic chemicals, gases, fumes, and particles found inside your home can have an immediate effect, such as causing sneezing or watery eyes. They can also have long-term effects including respiratory and heart disease and cancer. Sources of indoor pollution include:Air Purification in Lexington, Versailles, Nicholasville, KY and Surrounding Areas

  • Fuel-Burning Appliances.
  • Furniture and Carpeting
  • Paint and Stains
  • Housekeeping Chemicals
  • Smoking

How Does Whole House Air Purification Work?

You’ve probably seen small Air Purifiers Lexington KY units that are intended to help clean the air in a small space. A whole-house air purification unit works in a similar way, but it’s connected to the home’s HVAC system. Some air purification systems utilize a filter that catches harmful particles before they enter the system. Other air purifiers incorporate filters, UV lights, and other technology into the home’s ductwork.

Should I Have an Air Purifier Installed?

The best way to find out if you need an air purifier is to have your indoor air quality tested by a licensed HVAC company near you like Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll send one of our highly-trained indoor air quality experts over. After sampling the air quality in your home, they’ll recommend a course of action that will improve your indoor air quality nearly immediately.

Who Are We?

Southern Comfort is one of the most professional and fair companies serving in Kentucky. We are one of the well-ranked companies in the HVAC industry. Our ethics and business values have been gaining positive reviews for 60 years. 

We have established a reputation of excellence and professionalism for years, making us one of the most renowned companies across Kentucky.

Why Choose Southern Comfort?

  • Cost-Effective

Southern comfort has the most cost-effective services across Lexington. We have various offers and seasonal discounts for our regular customers so that you never hesitate to conduct maintenance for your appliance.

  • 60 Years of Experience 

With 60 years of expertise, our technicians are well versed in dealing with all the problems with your air conditioners or furnaces. They put in all their efforts and skills to repair your system and make it function smoothly.

  • Professionalism 

We have always been praised for our professional conduct during our service. The humble nature of our technicians plays a major role in the fame we have gained amongst our leads.

  • Licensed Technicians 

We have licensed and specially trained technicians for dealing with the appliances. They are versatile in their approach to repair. They analyze the entire appliance and discover the actual problem, and fix it efficiently.

What Do We Provide Our Clients? 

If you are looking for a company dealing with air conditioning repair Lexington KY, HVAC, furnaces, and heat pumps, Southern comfy is your answer. The details of our services are as listed below,

  • Air Conditioning Services

The air conditioning replacement Lexington KY has become super easy and convenient due to our service. If your air conditioner breaks down at any hour of the day, you can rely on us completely as we assure to fix it the same day. May it be any brand of AC, our crew can handle them with ease.

  • HVAC Services

From installations of the HVAC system to maintenance and tune-ups, our technicians specialize in dealing with the HVAC system. They monitor the entire system after the service and take all possible steps not to break down again.

  • Indoor Air Quality Management

Our company’s mission is to keep a check on the quality of the air the homeowners breathe in. To maintain a clean air supply, we have highly efficient air purifiers, which filter out the pollutants from the air in your home. 

We install the purifiers and conduct regular maintenance to ensure that the appliance functions at its highest efficiency.

How Can You Reach Us?

Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling assures you that once you opt for our service, you won’t be disappointed at all. If you are willing to schedule an appointment with us, dial up at (859) 255-2500. You can also write to us at [email protected]

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