Furnace Replacement And Installation in Lexington, KY

Furnace Replacement And Installation in Lexington, Versailles, Nicholasville, KY, and Surrounding Areas

Energy-efficient Furnace Replacement And Installation Services in Kentucky!

Furnace Replacement in Lexington, Versailles, Nicholasville, KY and Surrounding AreasJust like all the other appliances, there comes a time when your furnace also stops functioning and suffers a breakdown. The reasons for a furnace breakdown might be plenty, but low maintenance is regarded as the most common reason amongst the long list of other reasons. Once your furnace stops functioning, you need to look for other alternatives that can fit its place and provide a great replacement for the previous furnace. Contact Us Today for Furnace Replacement and heating service Lexington KY, Versailles, Nicholasville, and Surrounding Areas.

Where Can You Get The Best Furnace Replacement And Installation Services?

Even though a lot of you might feel that getting your furnace replaced is an easy task that can be done on your own, there will come a point when you realize that it’s not. Calling the experts and seeking their help can help you reap the best benefits from your heating system replacement.

If you’re looking for a heating replacement service in Kentucky, then you need to get in touch with the experts at Southern Comfort. Known for providing the best Furnace Replacement in Lexington, KY, Southern Comfort ensures that you get the best heating replacement at your home. We have a designated set of experts who possess the right skills for solving all the issues related to the furnace at your home.

Our Furnace Services in Kentucky

When it comes to comfort at affordable prices, the experts at Southern Comfort top the list for providing you with the best services. Be it furnace repair Lexington KY, or any other service with your heating or cooling system, the experts at Southern Comfort are equipped with the best skills to solve all your issues. Our experts possess the right set of certifications for carrying out all the services. We also make use of the best tools and the latest technologies to provide you with efficient solutions.

The Different Services Provided by the Experts at Southern Comfort are:

  • Furnace Replacement
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Emergency Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Tune-up
  • Furnace Inspection

Why Choose Us?

  • Cost-Effective: We understand all of our customers have different budget requirements, and that is why we offer you cost-effective plans, so you do not have to worry about blowing your budget.
  • Licensed and insured: Southern Comfort has all the required licenses and insurance for performing the necessary services related to Furnace Replacement in Lexington, KY. We also provide dryer vent cleaning Lexington KY.
  • Reliable team: We have a great team of well-certified and dedicated experts who have the right set of skills required to carry out furnace replacement with excellence.
  • On-time Response: We take pride in informing you that we deliver our services right on time. You can give us a call, and we will reach out to you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Time Does It Take to Install a New Furnace?

It will take at least 4-5 hours to install a furnace. To expedite installation, ensure that the location where it will be installed is clean, unoccupied, and well-lit. Make certain that no children will be present throughout the installation.

To get a quick furnace installation in Lexington, KY, contact Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling.

Is Replacing a Furnace a Difficult Task?

Installing a new furnace is a hard task that only qualified HVAC experts are equipped to handle. Furnace repair is particularly riskier if your furnace uses fuel such as natural gas or oil.

If the furnace is not correctly adjusted, the exhaust is highly hazardous. HVAC professionals get extensive training after completing their associate degree program on how to manage any eventuality that may arise during the installation procedure.

Most states require technicians to have permits in the field in which they operate. Permits demonstrate that the contractors working on a certain project are licensed and qualified to do so.

If you need a furnace installation in Lexington, KY, contact Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling.

Why is Furnace Installation So Expensive?

Furnaces are a long-term investment that usually lasts for at least 15 years. The upfront expenses ensure the furnace’s proper function for a long time and less significant repairs.

The furnace has several intricate and crucial elements that, if used incorrectly, might be hazardous. Hence, the furnace installation should be entrusted to a specialist.

The furnace is a safe system as long as it is properly set up and installed. Without the supervision and installation of a qualified expert, risks of carbon monoxide leaks or other hazards might be present. The potential of such a catastrophe is simply not worth the risk.

How Long Does a Furnace Last in a House?

A well-maintained furnace has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend the life of a furnace by up to 30 years.

How Efficient is My Old Furnace?

Furnaces that are a few decades old have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of approximately 60%, which means that 60% of the fuel converts to heat, and 40% is wasted.

Why are Old Furnaces Better?

Among the new furnaces, the efficiency rating of 90% and above is reached only in condensing furnaces, which is expensive and have a more complicated and costly installation than old furnaces.

The water vapor in wasted combustion gases is used as a supplementary heat source in new systems at the price of simple engineering and operation. All combustion gases from older furnaces are sent straight outside.

Is It Possible to Install a Furnace Yourself?

A person knowing furnaces can try installing furnaces on their own. However, furnace installation is a risky job which if not done correctly, can cause potential hazards. Thus, for furnace installation, an individual should hire a licensed professional.

How Do You Know If Your Furnace is Dying?

The age of the furnace.

The furnace is blowing cold air.

Utility bills are higher than usual.

The furnace needs increased repairs.

Weird noises are coming from the furnace.

The furnace is burning a yellow flame instead of blue.

There are different temperatures in different rooms.

The furnace is cycling on and off much more frequently.

The presence of moisture is detected in the surroundings of the furnace.

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