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5 Ways To Choose The Right HVAC System

Choosing the right HVAC system is an arduous task. Let the professionals at heating service Lexington, KY, help you make the right choice.

When choosing the HVAC system, the focus is to provide a comfortable temperature to your home even if it is more expensive than others. While you must buy an HVAC system in sync with your budget, other related factors are also important to be considered.

Tips to Help You Choose an Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective HVAC System:

  1. Types of Units: The most popular residential cooling units are the central air conditioning, mini-split systems, and heat pumps. Heat pumps absorb any excess heat in the house and release it outside. A mini-split system controls the temperature in specific rooms in the house against the whole property. Professional HVAC companies near me will help you choose the right type of unit based on your budget and needs.

  2. Unit Size: You need the right size for your HVAC system to save on your monthly utility bills during the summer months. Calculate the length and width of your living area to estimate the square footage. Your local air conditioner repair service provider in Lexington, KY, will measure the space you want to cool and estimate the size of the air conditioner to order.

  3. Maintenance Requirements: The HVAC system will need regular maintenance service in spring to get it ready for summer. HVAC maintenance experts will inspect your system, replace air filters, and clean the indoor and outdoor components if needed. Schedule an appointment with the outstanding furnace installation Lexington KYto ensure the system works for several decades.

  4. Energy Efficiency: If you live in an area where summer is extreme, it is important to look for an HVAC system with high energy efficiency. Buying an energy-efficient HVAC system will help save you energy costs. Find out the seasonal energy efficient ratio –SEER before arriving at the final decision. In Lexington, KY, your HVAC unit should have a SEER rating of at least 13 or 14.

  5. Design and Specifications: Consider the size of your home before ordering the best HVAC system. Find out if your home already has centralized ductwork and decide if there is a space for indoor and outdoor components.

So, if you want to make your home in Lexington, KY, comfortably cool in the heat of summer, then look no further and contact us today to get a free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

An air filter’s lifespan varies between brands. A filter only lasts three months if you run the air purifier continuously, but you can extend its life by one month by cleaning it once. By doing this , you also postpone the need to search for ‘HVAC companies near me’ on your search engine.

The typical lifespan of carbon filters is between three and five years. According to air conditioner repair in Lexington, KY experts, you should carefully read the air purifier's manual to determine how frequently the filters need to be changed depending on the model.

The HVAC system may be working too hard if it is not functioning correctly, which would lead to inconsistent air temperatures and decreased comfort.

Your heating and cooling system's lifespan can be extended by several years. When you Google ‘HVAC companies near me’ select a reputable company to maintain it correctly.

A manufacturer's HVAC warranty only covers one system, and you must register your product to receive the full benefits. One only needs to deal with one contract for all the systems and appliances in their home when they have a home warranty.

Home warranties are made to shield owners from the expense of air conditioner repair in Lexington, KY, brought on by everyday wear and tear. Home warranties also cover older heaters and air conditioners so that you won't be denied coverage because of the age of your system.

To promote energy-saving products, the Environmental Protection Agency launched the Energy Star program in 1992. What started as a way to lessen the energy consumption of computers has expanded to include more than 50 product categories.

A product's label will state whether it uses less energy than similar things. Americans saved enough energy last year to power 10 million homes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing heating services in Lexington, KY.

Without regular heating service in Lexington, KY, professionals can only offer a typical lifespan and outline what you can do to extend the life of your system.

By performing routine and qualified maintenance, one can extend their HVAC system's lifespan and postpone their Google search for ‘HVAC companies near me’.

Here are the typical lifespans of various HVAC systems:

  • Air conditioners - 10 to 15 years.
  • A furnace - 15 to 20 years.
  • Geothermal systems - 30 years.
  • A water heater - 10 years.
  • A tankless water heater - 20 years.

A furnace's BTU rating tells you how much energy it takes to produce heat, and an air conditioner's BTU rating tells you how much energy it takes to remove heat.

Lexington, KY heating and air specialist suggest that a high-efficiency furnace with an AFUE of 90 will produce usable heat from 90% of the input.

BTU measures how much energy is expended by air conditioners to remove heat from the air. BTUs play a significant role in cooling equipment tonnage, another way to measure heat removal.

According to the Lexington, KY heating and air specialists, your HVAC system will last a long time if you maintain it properly. Your AC will need to be replaced before it even reaches the end of its anticipated lifespan. Ways to increase the AC's lifespan:

  • Make sure your AC is installed correctly.
  • Regular tune-ups.
  • Outdoor unit inspection.
  • Air filters replacement.
  • Use other appliances like ceiling fans to decrease your AC's load.
  • Use your AC's auto mode.
  • Make your cooling wise by using a smart thermostat.
  • Upgrade your home insulation.

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