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What Can You Expect During an HVAC repair?

HVAC systems ensure that uncomfortable temperatures and harsh weather don’t interrupt your work life and family time. These systems are designed to make your indoor air comfortable so that you don’t have to worry about rising temperatures during summers and the harsh cold during winter. With time and increased usage, these systems will eventually need repair.

For the best HVAC repair in Lexington, KY contact Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling. Our experts have compiled some tips and knowledge that are essential prior, during and after scheduling HVAC services.

Things to do Before Scheduling HVAC Repair

Before moving on to things included in HVAC repairs, you should evaluate two things:
You should inspect the condition of the HVAC and verify the reliability of the professional you need.

Ensure You Need a Repair

You should not schedule a repair soon after experiencing an abnormal HVAC operation. Some HVAC failures do not need a repair, but only your time and a simple solution.

If your HVAC is blowing weak or restricted air, or you are struggling with poor odors and sounds, or your HVAC is short-cycling, clean the air vents, clear the drainage, replace the air filters and thermostat batteries, reset the thermostat, and restart the circuit breaker. When these solutions fail to fix the problem.

Find a Reliable Expert

Search “HVAC companies near me” online to make a list of local technicians. Compare their prices and reputation. Check their license, certificate, and experience.

Read the HVAC companies’ testimonials on their website. After evaluating everything, book a service with our heating repair technician in Lexington, KY.

Things to Expect During HVAC Repairs

After ensuring that you need an HVAC repair, you should know what to expect during the repair service. This information will help you know if everything is going well or not.

• Expert's visit

After you search for HVAC companies near me and book our technician for the service, the expert will visit you according to the scheduled time for the HVAC inspection. You should check whether or not the technician has visited your place in the company’s vehicle.

The vehicle should display the company’s logo. Check the technician’s identity proof only for safety reasons. Next, you will have to assist the technician with the HVAC problem.

• Discussion on The Issues

After meeting the technician, the discussion on the HVAC problems and required services started. The professional may ask you various questions regarding the issues, like when the problem occurred, how many times you faced the failure, the age of your HVAC unit, and if you have scheduled a repair previously.

After discussing everything, our technician can understand what cooling and heating services are required to fix your malfunctioning HVAC. For the best HVAC repair in Lexington, KY contact Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling.

• Inspection of the HVAC

Next, our technician will inspect all internal and external components of the heating and cooling unit. The expert will check the condition of the heat exchanger, thermostat, fan blower, motor, electrical connections, gas supply, etc. The technician will also inspect the refrigerant amount.

If the problem is severe, our professional may inspect the condition of the air ducts using a remote camera. Once the inspection is done, our HVAC expert will let you know whether you need a repair or replacement.

Contact Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling for the best HVAC repair in Lexington, KY.

• Troubleshooting the Faults

After discussing the HVAC problems and repair charges, it’s time for the main job.
The HVAC repair may include the following:

  • Motor lubrication.
  • Replacement of the grounded parts.
  • Air duct cleaning.
  • Sealing the leaks.
  • Replacing the rotten insulation.
  • Troubleshooting the wiring-related problems.

• Testing the HVAC Performance

The last step of HVAC repair is observing HVAC performance. After troubleshooting the fault, our technician will turn the HVAC ON to check if the repair has fixed the problem.

Once satisfied with the repair service, our technician will suggest some tips for HVAC maintenance and heating services.

Schedule an HVAC Repair Now

Never delay the repair if HVAC failure is repetitive. The delay can make the situation worse. Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling is the best HVAC company providing heating services in Lexington, KY. If you have any queries regarding HVAC services, request a free estimate.