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Water Heater Installation Repair Replacement Lexington KY

Taking a plunge in cold water at the beach or a swimming pool is undoubtedly thrilling and pleasurable. However, it is not so cool when compelled to use the cold water in the bathtub. A faulty system deprives you of the source of warm water. Also, additional problems such as leaking, and electrical issues can pose significant damage to you and your house. Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling is just the right place to look for services of water heater and furnace maintenance in Lexington, KY.

The Best Water Heater Services in Lexington

If you have run into any problem with your system, we have all the required personnel and tools to get it fixed for you. We provide outstanding services for water heater repair in Lexington, KY, from electric heaters, gas heaters, solar water heaters, and tankless heaters. Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling have earned a strong reputation by delivering top-class services for the past decades. Book your service anytime as we are ready to serve you 24/7.

Call our experts if you face these problems

The system is out-of-sight equipment and attracts attention only in case of a malfunction. However, some common problems that need a water heater repair in Lexington, KY, are listed below.

  • Water Heater Leaking

If the heater releases water from places other than the drain valve, it is a cause for concern. Immediately call us to avoid further damage.

  • No Hot Water

This most common problem is often the result of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Also, a faulty heating element can pose this problem.

  • Strange Noise

A system can emit unusual noises during operation. The cause of this varies as per the type of heater you use.

  • Inefficient Water Heater

If your system is older than 12 years, it can become less efficient and give not enough hot water. Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling are here to offer you the best deal on HVAC repair in Lexington, KY.

How Can We Help?

At Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling, we always wish our clients to enjoy complete satisfaction with our services. Our professionals deliver only the best for the following water heater services – 

  • Repairs

We have a team of highly skipped technicians who can fix problems for every type of system. Book our repair and restore your comfort of hot water.

  • Installation

Willing to invest in a new system? We have a variety of heaters to choose from as per your requirement. In addition, we provide a hassle-free water heater installation in Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas. We also provide dryer vent cleaning Lexington KY.

  • Replacement

Retire your old system and order a water heater replacement in Lexington, KY. Our modern water heaters can help you save energy costs and are equipped with advanced features.

Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling has been giving 100% satisfaction to its customers since 2006. We continually strive to improve our services and give utmost importance to quality and customer feedback. So contact us now and let us know what you need. We promise to deliver top-class and affordable services of water heater, heating, and furnace installation in Lexington, KY to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Home Owner Install a Water Heater in Kentucky?

No, a homeowner can only get a water heater installation in Lexington, KY, by a professional technician. When it comes to the installation of a water heater, various complexities can be handled only by an experienced person.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Install a Water Heater?

water heater installation in Lexington, KY, takes up to one day or less. The duration may depend upon the expertise of the technician and the model of your water heater. 

If you are getting a water heater replacement in Lexington, KY, and the unit is the same type, it will take nothing more than 2-3 hours to complete the installation and start your water heater. 

Can I Install a Water Heater Myself?

No, installing a water heater is a risky task and requires precision and proper knowledge. Installing a water heater using a manual may seem like a good idea; however, the chances of complications remain the same. 

How Long Will a Water Heater Last Once It Starts Leaking?

A leaking water heater can be fixed by scheduling a water heater repair in Lexington, KY, and the life of a water heater, i.e., 10-15 years, can sustain. However, if your water heater leaks frequently and the problem persists after servicing, you should consider replacing it.

Should I Turn the Water Heater Off If It Is Leaking?

Yes, it is recommended to turn the water heater off if it starts leaking. First, turn off the water supply and then the power supply. Call a technician for a water heater repair in Lexington, KY, to locate and fix the leak.

What Are Signs That Your Water Heater is Going Out?

If you notice the following signs, your water heater might be going out:

  • Frequent leakages
  • Rusty water
  • Coldwater instead of hot
  • Weird noises from the system

Ensure to opt for a water heater replacement in Lexington, KY, for your safety and comfort.

What is the Most Common Problem with Water Heaters?

The most common problems with water heaters are leakages, strange smells from water, slow reheating, and low hot water pressure.