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Top 5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

You have to be ready for every possible thing in summer. In Kentucky, the summer climate gets harsh. It goes from warm to humid and to really hot. With weather like this, you probably want your air conditioner to run non-stop. However, putting that idea into action can cause problems with your air conditioning. 

Before you start reading up on other problems that you might face with your air conditioner, make sure you have the number of AC services Lexington KYin your hands. If you notice a problem you have faced, it is best to call them up and seek assistance. 

Refrigerant Leaks 

If you have less refrigerant, maybe it was not charged well while installing, or the refrigerant leaks. If you are in the latter situation, you might think that adding more refrigerants will solve your problem. But, unfortunately, that is not a correct or trustworthy solution. 

You should call in an expert from a company that provides AC maintenance Lexington KY. They will fix the leak, check if there are any other possible issues, and provide sustainable solutions for all. Refrigerant leaks also cause damage to the environment, so make sure to get assistance as quickly as you can.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Issues 

Your air conditioner is built in a way that it will function at its best with regular service at periodic intervals. Take your air filter as an example. Your air filter is so that it catches dust and debris entering your house. As a result, these foreign substances build up and clog the air filter.

To remove this clogging, you need to get your air filter maintained and routinely changed every six months. The coils of your air conditioner face a similar situation. 

Make sure to book an appointment with an air conditioning replacement Lexington KY. They will be able to suggest the best replacements for your air conditioner filters. 

Electric Control Failure 

If you turn on and off your air conditioner a lot, chances are the fans of the device and the compressor are worn out. So get an expert from an AC service in Lexington, KY, to come and look at it immediately. 

Air Conditioning Problems With Drainage 

When the weather is too humid, your condensate tends to clog or not drain properly. So on humid days, make sure to go out and check the condition of your condensate system. 

Problems With Sensor 

Your sensor is a significant part of your air conditioner. Problems with the sensor of an AC can lead to erratic functioning of the device. As a result, your room might never reach the temperature you want it to, and to get it fixed, you should call over professionals. 

For these or any other air conditioner-related issues that you might be facing, you can contact us for the best HVAC repair Lexington KY. We can help you with heat and cooling issues as fast as possible. So contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you!