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Repair and Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioning System

Summers are the time when every household uses its AC to the fullest. This means they are switched on for more extended and continuous periods.

However, uninterrupted use without giving it a check can result in issues and faults arising in your system. To avoid such cases, it’s better to call for AC contractors near me.

Tips to Help Your AC

Here are maintenance tips that ensure your appliance’s long life and durability for those unaware. This also prevents having to call HVAC companies near me frequently:

  • Replace the Condenser Fan: If the condenser fan doesn’t start spinning after the system has been turned on, there is a problem. This is often related to loose or damaged wiring in the system. If the wiring isn’t fixed even after moving it around, look for an air conditioner repair Lexington KY to replace it. 
  • Check If Enough Air Is Coming Out: This is a common issue during more extended and continuous use of your AC without any checks. To check, place some light on it to see if the gap is opaque. If it is, the next thing to do is have it cleaned.
  • Damaged Motor: A damaged motor can naturally cause problems to your ac, like droplets of ice gathering. These droplets gather in the hoses and can cause a build-up in the indoor and outdoor control panels. If such a thing occurs, the only thing to be done is to have the whole cooling motor replaced.  

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