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Most Common Causes of HVAC Service Calls

Many homeowners look for a heating and cooling technician for various requirements. Some need an AC repair, some contact professionals for an annual tune-up, or for heating services. Other reasons include HVAC replacement, installation, air duct cleaning, etc. A tune-up is an inexpensive annual HVAC requirement to keep your systems in good condition.

If you are searching for a professional HVAC service, look no further than Comfort Heating & Cooling, providing quality heating services in Lexington, KY.

A few HVAC malfunctions are so common that these have become the most frequent causes of HVAC service calls. One cannot fix these common issues with a DIY solution. If you are experiencing these common HVAC malfunctions contact Comfort Heating & Cooling for a furnace or AC repair in Lexington, KY.

Common Causes of Heating and Cooling Repairs in Lexington, KY

Whether you use a central heater, central air conditioner, or ductless mini-split, all these systems are similar in many ways. Over time, every HVAC system goes through some mechanism failure.

Therefore, the frequent causes of heating and cooling repairs in Lexington, KY, are also the same, except for the ductwork issues. Reasons for HVAC services calls are the following:

• Air Duct Damage

Poor insulation, improper drainage, and not scheduling a cleaning service can damage the ductwork. This damage involves mold growth, cracks or holes, and weak airflow. The damaged ducts lead to refrigerant leakage and excessive energy bills.

Foul odors, poor air quality, bubbling or hissing noises, leaks, and negligible airflow indicate deteriorating conditions of HVAC ductwork. If you require heating services in Lexington, KY contact Comfort Heating & Cooling for assistance.

• Loss of Refrigerant

Cool or hot air is only possible if the refrigerant is enough. Damaged air ducts are not the only reason for refrigerant leakage; even ductless HVAC can cause loss of refrigerant. It happens when your HVAC is extremely dirty or has a drainage issue.

The clogged drainage often leads to refrigerant leakage. A cracked drip pan, clogged condenser, damaged gas valve, and rotten insulation can cause the coolant to leak. A timely HVAC service call can help you fix this issue.

• The Noisy Operation

Some sort of noise is common in heating and cooling operations. However, your HVAC needs repair when the noise becomes too loud and annoying. Most HVAC noises are the consequence of a dirty unit.

When internal bolts are loose and the HVAC system lacks antifreeze or oiling, it can produce strange noises. Generally, HVAC owners face noisy operation issues with their old HVAC units.

This is one of the reasons for scheduling air conditioning and heating services in Lexington, KY.

• Absence of Airflow

Sometimes, the HVAC system operates strangely. Your furnace may blow cool air, and the air conditioner circulates warm air. Sometimes, heating and cooling units stop working.

The most common reason for this problem is a problematic thermostat. The absence of a desirable airflow leads to heating and cooling repairs. Looking for a professional HVAC service in Lexington, KY? Contact Comfort Heating & Cooling for help!

• HVAC Releases Odors

Although the HVAC is supposed to make some noise during operation, it must not circulate any odor. However, due to improper maintenance and the absence of cleaning, the heating, and cooling units in Lexington, KY, release strange odors and lead to HVAC service calls.

The sweet fruity, and musty smell indicates a refrigerant leak and mold growth which can be extremely harmful. On the other hand, a burning smell indicates an electrical hazard.

• Thermostat Ruining Temperature

Any problem with room temperature suggests a thermostat defect. Sometimes, wrong settings and dead batteries cause thermostat failure. The degraded condition of the thermostat can also cause unfavorable indoor temperatures.

If your thermostat needs frequent repairs, you should invest in a new and programmable thermostat. A smart thermostat senses the room temperature and works more efficiently. Contact Comfort Heating & Cooling for heating service in Lexington, KY.

• Weak Pilot Flame

The pilot light is responsible for starting the heating process in a furnace. If there is some defect in the gas valve, ignitor, or pilot light, you will notice a weak and flickering flame.

In addition, a dirty pilot light can cause a weak flame. A weak pilot flame means either slow heating or no heating. This problem is one of the most frequent causes of HVAC service calls.

Hire Our Experts in Lexington, KY, for Furnace Repair

The above listed are signs of the most common issues experienced by most HVAC owners. If you contact an elite quality HVAC company like Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling, you will need fewer repairs, and your HVAC will perform better. With headquarters in Lexington, KY, we perform furnace repair and other HVAC services. Schedule service with us now and trust the expert.