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Improving Indoor Air Quality With Southern Comfort

The air circulating in your home is an essential constituent of your health. If this air is clean and fresh, you will breathe healthily, but if it contains pollutants, it harms your health. Contact HVAC repair Lexington KY, to schedule an early statement if you see any problematic indications related to air quality.

Symptoms That Show Your Indoor Air Quality is Compromised

Air is an essential component of your surroundings. It can not be seen but felt with a sense of health and freshness. Watch out for the signs given below that warn you of air quality.

Dry Skin and Irritation

When you stay in cool air for some time, your skin gets dry and loses its moisture. In this state, bacteria will enter your wounds and your skin gets irritated. Pollutants in the air might be the cause too. We also provide the best services of air conditioning replacement Lexington KY.

Unpleasant Smells

Molds, water, and stagnant air are the sources of strong unpleasant smells that indicate ventilation problems. With better air quality and airflow, such odors are not present.


If you suffer teary eyes, itchiness, irritation, runny nose, sneezing, and continuous coughing, there might be problems with air quality in your house. It is time you look for ‘AC contractors near me ‘ and get solutions.

Breathing Difficulties

With poor air quality, difficulty in breathing becomes the bigger issue. People who suffer from asthma, sore throat, and heavy breathing can get full-blown respiratory attacks.

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Pollutants and moisture from the inside can create dangerous health hazards. Therefore, pay attention to the given points to improve the air quality.

Clean the Air Filters

It is only best to clean the air filters regularly and watch out for dirt in the system. It will lessen the chances of allergies and infections. The repairs are done timely, and you will breathe healthy air again.

Clean Ducts and Vents

Since the ducts are responsible for transferring air inside and outside, you should pay attention to the moldy, damp, and smelly growths that reduce the air quality of your house. We offer the best AC maintenance lexington KY.

Install Kitchen Vents

Using gas stoves and heating the cooking oil releases harmful toxins into the air, which need to be collected and released via a vent. Therefore, make sure to install a kitchen vent that circulates air efficiently.

Keep Furry Animals and Carpets Away

Having pets with hair is one common reason for air filter clogs. The hair gets trapped in the filter pores, trapping dirt and dust, resulting in complete discomfort. Therefore, clean your carpets and filters regularly.

Avoid Moisture and Stagnant Water

Moist and dark areas are perfect for mold and mildew to grow. It is best to use dehumidifiers and check for damp spots inside your HVAC system to create comfortable living conditions.

Clean Air With Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can be your best help in cleaning the indoor air. These natural air purifiers freshen the house, add decor, and create a sense of mental peace for everyone.

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