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How Can I Expand The Life Of My HVAC System?

Living with extreme weather comes with many downsides. You must invest in an HVAC unit to stay comfortable in the bad weather and prevent it from breaking down. An HVAC unit needs proper maintenance and care.

How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System?

Know the importance of an efficient HVAC system and take preventive measures. You can easily avoid discomfort by following the given points that protect your HVAC system in the long run. We are the best AC repair company near you.

Clean Air Filters

HVAC air filters trap all the dirt, dust, debris, grime, and pollen from the air inside and move it out through the vents. Therefore if the filters are clogged, your blower and fan might break down or overload. The only way to avoid stress is by cleaning and replacing the filters.

Sufficient Insulation

An efficient insulation system prevents hot and cool air from escaping outside, reducing the constant stress over your HVAC system. You can ask your HVAC contractor to add extra fiberglass or flooring to prevent damage to your system.

Smart Thermostats

Upgrade your old thermostats for the new smart ones and set your desired atmosphere easily. These devices come in energy-saving mode and can be controlled with your phone. Save your power bills by adjusting the temperature and time for your HVAC unit. Contact Lexington KY heating and air for more information on the new smart devices with extended life.

Reduce the Load on Your HVAC Unit

Giving a break to your HVAC unit is one great method of reducing stress and preventing damage. Use ceiling fans and draw curtains to prevent sunlight from entering in the summers, and your HVAC unit will thank you. Likewise, open the curtains and dress warmly in winter to reduce the effect of cold.

Monitor Condenser Unit

Since the condenser unit is outside the house, it is prone to damage by sun and rain. Take proper care and perform routine checks to ensure no ice, debris, rust, and visible damage on the unit. The longer your condenser works efficiently, the more your HVAC unit will be well-ventilated. If you encounter an issue, immediately contact air conditioner repair Lexington KY.

Adjust the Settings as per Use

The thermostat in your HVAC unit works in several modes. It includes an auto mode, where the fan works only during heating and cooling, while the on mode keeps the fan working constantly. It is better to use auto mode and save energy, prevent system overload, and avoid complete breakdown extending the life of your HVAC unit.

Schedule Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Scheduling regular inspection is essential as it helps you identify minor issues before a major breakdown occurs. Timely service will check for wirings, leaks, ducts, coils, refrigerant, filters, and condenser, and set proper airflow with tune-ups. Make sure to ask your technician for preventive measures to increase the life of your HVAC unit.

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