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4 Simple Ways to Improve AC Efficiency

As summer dawns on us again, many of us turn to our AC to get through the heat and humidity. However, over time, the air-conditioner stops performing at its maximum efficiency. This is unpleasant to all, and in some cases, could lead to more expensive energy bills.

To avoid this, one must ensure that their air-conditioner is well-taken care of and performs at its best. By using cost-effective measures to maintain your air-conditioner, you can save a lot of money. We also provide the best services of air conditioning replacement Lexington KY. Some of the top methods used to increase your air-conditioner’s efficiency are listed below.

  •  Use Window Coverings

This relatively obvious solution to heat is rarely used. Using window coverings to help block out the sunlight can significantly reduce the amount of pressure your air conditioner has to take. Installing window coverings like curtains or blinds can help keep the sun at bay and your house cooler with less power. 

  • Keep the Outside AC Unit Clean

One of the most common reasons for an inefficient air-conditioner is negligence. People rarely clean the outside unit, which often leads to the accumulation of dirt and debris, causing an inefficient cooling system.

Cleaning the outside unit is very important as the AC will have to work harder to cool your house. You could hire a trusted ac service team to clean your air-conditioner for a small fee. 

  • Change the Filter Regularly

Filters help stop dust, dirt, and debris from infiltrating your home. The filter accumulates unwanted dirt and pollutant. Over time, this compromises efficiency and should be changed. Hiring a good AC maintenance Lexington KY team to replace the filters is highly recommended.

 Air-conditioner filters ought to be changed every three months for maximum efficiency. Depending on factors like; the type of filter, if you have a pet, how often you use your air-conditioner if anyone in the household has any respiratory ailments, and many more other factors. Based on these factors one must decide the frequency with which they change their filters.

  • Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Inspecting your air conditioner is necessary and is frequently overlooked. Inspecting and servicing the air conditioner before the onset of summer has proven to be the difference between enjoying the summertime and spending an egregious amount of money on their AC. 

An AC unit that has not been cleaned over time will have to work much harder and consume more electricity to cool your residence. Opting for AC service Lexington KY to help service your HVAC system is a very intelligent decision. You get the best air conditioner service from a reputed company that strives to provide quality service.

To help keep your house cool during the summer and ensure that your wallet doesn’t become lighter by the end of the season, you should turn to Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling.  

We are committed to providing premium quality air-conditioners and offer a variety of HVAC systems and services, so you are in trusted hands all year round.

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