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4 Important Tips To Reduce HVAC Costs

HVAC systems are one of the things that may draw more electricity than required if it is malfunctioning or improperly kept. 

Heating and cooling systems are necessities in every household as they keep the environment comfortable and cozy throughout the year. According to experts performing furnace repair in Lexington, KY, a central air conditioning system uses 3000-3500 watts per hour during the summer month and an electric furnace uses 26-kilowatt energy every day in the winter month. 

It is essential to ensure these systems run efficiently to avoid receiving spiked-up electricity bills. Do you know tips that can help you reduce HVAC costs? 

Expert Tips for Maintaining HVAC Costs -

1. Replace the Air Filter

Searching online for AC contractors near me? Look no further than Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling to assist you. According to our technicians, replacing the air filter is the easiest way for everyone to avoid unnecessary problems. Most problems start with dirt, and you should replace the air filter after every three months because the air filter is the hub of dust. 

2. Avoid Fidgeting with the Thermostat’s Temperature

It is best to keep the thermostat temperature constant continuously to avoid increasing the strain on the AC compressor. Moreover, it is cost-ineffective to run the HVAC system at extremely low or high temperatures for extra comfort. Some experts even recommend switching down the HVAC systems for two hours to give rest to the systems. 

3. Keep the Condenser Coils Clean

Condenser coils are an integral part of the HVAC system as they facilitate heat transfer between outdoor air and the HVAC system. Dust on the coils can decrease the rate of transfer, and it will impact the overall functioning. It is best to wash the coils with dish soap and water monthly to avoid problems. 

4. Use a Fan to Circulate the AC Air Quickly

Using a ceiling fan will help you increase air circulation, and help in quickly decreasing the room temperature. Moreover, use the ceiling fan to maintain a chill environment after the AC system has worked for two hours. 

Other Tips That You Can Use to Reduce the HVAC Costs

Here are some other tips from our heating repair in Lexington, KY experts, that will help to reduce the additional running costs and repair expenses: 

  1. Maintenance service is the key to reducing unnecessary repair expenses. Maintenance services help detect repair issues in the early stage, and they can be easily repaired without costing you a ton. 
  2. It is best to install the outdoor unit in a shady area in the backyard or build a sunshade over the outdoor unit to prevent the sunlight from affecting the condenser and compressor processing. 
  3. According to our heating repair experts in Lexington, KY, it is best to install the indoor air handler above the window in the room. Moreover, ensure that the air handler is not installed in front of the door.  
  4. Our experts recommend keeping the windows and doors closed when the HVAC system works in your household environment. Use dark shade curtains to prevent sunlight from entering the residence and increase the temperature. 
  5. If your HVAC system is more than a decade old and its running costs have slightly increased, it is better to replace the old one. 
  6. HVAC systems that use duct systems need special attention as the air can escape the gaps in the ducts, leaving your room uncomfortable. That’s why experts for heating repair in Lexington, KY, recommend quickly glancing over the duct system once a week and reporting the issue immediately to the technician. 
  7. Always buy a highly efficient HVAC system if you are investing in a new heating system. A high SEER or AFUE rating HVAC system works efficiently without consuming much energy. It will be even better if your new HVAC system has an Energy-Star label.  
  8. Keep the surroundings of the outdoor unit neat and clean at all times. Trim the foliage growing around the outdoor unit to avoid all interference and keep the flammable material from the furnace and heating systems away. 


According to the experts, DIY tips may help to reduce costs, but HVAC experts help to keep the HVAC system in good and efficient condition. Enroll in maintenance plans offered by the HVAC companies, and you will not have to pay the technician during an emergency service.   

If you have been searching for an AC contractor near me for a long time and have not found a perfect match, then your search is over! Southern Comfort Heating and Cooling have the qualities every household owner looks for in an HVAC company. We are here to take care of your HVAC systems and comfort needs. Call (859) 255-2500 for assistance.