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3 Reasons an HVAC System Smells Bad & What to Do About It

HVAC systems play a significant role in maintaining our indoor temperatures throughout the year in Lexington, Kentucky. However, due to some malfunction or lack of regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system, you may experience foul odours coming off and spreading in your house. Certain alarming smells indicate that you should opt for a heater or AC service Lexington KY, to tackle the issue as soon as possible.

Why Does an HVAC System Smell?

The type of odour coming off from your HVAC unit can tell a lot about the type of damage or malfunction your unit has gone through. You should stay alert and identify the following types of cases:

1). Electrical Glitch

A foul smell from your HVAC system would be a reason for a short circuit or burnt wires. It is an electrical malfunction if the odour smells like gunpowder or burnt lime. It may occur when the components get overheated and melt the plastic.

2). Gas Leakage

Another dangerous sign of a malfunction is when your HVAC smells rotten. It indicates a natural gas leak which is not advisable to be inhaled. Gas leaks are a fire hazard and could be dangerous if not taken care of promptly.

 3). Fungus and Bacteria

If you smell a musty odour, your system might be facing the issue of growing bacteria. The smell also hints at fungus present near the ducts due to excessive moisture.

What Actions Should You Take?

It is necessary to be aware and take prompt steps to retain the system’s heating and cooling Lexington KYto avoid potential damage:

  • Switch Off

If you smell something unusual when you turn on your system, you should first turn it off as your house might be at risk of a fire hazard due to electrical issues or gas leakage. It is also essential to keep your home ventilated by opening doors and windows to save yourself from further damage. You must call an HVAC company to investigate and fix it.

  • Service and Maintenance

Due to the year-long need for an HVAC system, it is essential to schedule servicing and maintain the system regularly. The team of professionals cleans the components that keep your furnace and AC ready for use.

Your heating and cooling system requires an annual support program to provide you with maximum comfort. We also offer the best services of AC maintenance Lexington KY.

  • HVAC Repair and Replace

An immediate repair of the HVAC is necessary in case of a breakdown. You might also want to replace the worn-out furnace or air conditioner with a newer reliable system. The HVAC company will assist you in staying updated with new technologies by recommending the right choices that fit your budget.

It is necessary to regularly check your heating and cooling systems for a sustainable temperature in your homes. Southern Comforting Heating and Cooling provides the most trustworthy services to repair and replace your system.

Our experienced and trained staff maintain and assist you in choosing the best services for cooling and heating repair Lexington KY, and surrounding areas. Schedule a service today by visiting our website or calling us on (859) 255-2500.