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10 Easy Steps For Installing A Split AC

Correct installation of an air conditioner will deliver the ideal cooling and boost durability. Receiving heating service in Lexington, KY, and maintenance covered by the warranty also help. However, if you decide to install your air conditioner yourself, remember that safety should always come first.

Part 1: Setting Up The Indoor Unit

Step 1

Decide on a clear spot on your interior wall. Install the unit 7 feet (2.1 m) off the ground and ensure room on all sides. For the indoor unit, pick a central location where cool air can easily circulate throughout your house. Doing so will prevent frequent air conditioner repair Lexington KY.

Step 2

Drill a hole through the wall that slopes down toward the ground by 3 in (7.6 cm). You must fix the mounting plate to the interior wall. Place the plate so it aligns with the holes drilled in the wall and make sure it is leveled both horizontally and vertically. If you require assistance, Google HVAC companies near me and find a reputable company to provide advice.

Step 3

Before using the indoor AC unit, ensure the electrical connections are secure. Verify that the wiring matches the unit’s wiring diagram and that the cable wires are connected to the screw terminals. Electrical tape affixes the included drain pipe, power cable, and copper pipes.

Step 4

For air conditioner repair in Lexington, KY, experts suggest that the unit be tilted backwards by 2-3 degrees to allow water to drain from the drain pipe. The indoor unit should be mounted securely. A friend holding the unit steady while you secure the connections to fasten it to the wall might be helpful.

Part 2: Installing The Outdoor Condenser

Step 5

Place the outdoor unit far from any areas with high traffic, a lot of dust, or a lot of heat. To keep your unit operating at its peak, suggest choosing a shaded location protected from the wind, dust, and traffic. If you require assistance, Google HVAC companies near me and find a reputable company to provide advice.

Step 6

Please don’t set the outdoor condenser down directly on the ground because it is heavy and may move on soil or rocks. Place a rubber cushion on top of the concrete pad to lessen vibration.

Step 7

Removing the condenser’s cover ensures all cables are secured with a cable clamp. According to the instruction manual, you must connect copper pipes from the indoor and outdoor units. Connect the power supply to an outlet and the power cable connecting the two devices.

Part 3: Finishing The Project

Step 8

After checking for leaks at every joint and valve, turn off the vacuum. Bleed the refrigerant circuit of all air and humidity. For a perfect AC repair Lexington KY, remove the caps from the service port and the valves. Please turn on the vacuum until it reaches a 10 mm Hg absolute vacuum.

Step 9

The exterior wall of your home already has pipes and cables attached to it using clamps. Utilize the clamps from the kit to secure the piping to the wall. To ensure that the clamps are adequately spaced for maximum rigidity, refer to the manual’s instructions.

Step 10

You should fill the hole you drilled to feed the cable and piping through the wall with expanding polyurethane foam. Ensure the hole is completely sealed to keep insects or hot air from entering. Before turning on your air conditioning, let the foam dry to complete the air conditioning installation Lexington KY.


For a more extended period, your air conditioner will operate flawlessly with Southern Comfort Heating & Cooling’s hassle-free installation. Contact us to know more about heating services in Lexington, KY.